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Our Amazing Skin Care Services


Skin Treatments

Image by Laser offers a wide variety of professional skin treatments designed to treat specific skin concerns such as pigmentation, sun damage, premature ageing, acne, open pores, redness, facial veins and rosacea.


Hair Removal

By using laser hair removal for permanent hair reduction you’ll experience less ingrown hairs, less shaving stubble and smoother skin. Save time and money on shaving, waxing, plucking or bleaching the hairs after treatment.


Tattoo Removal

Our powerful Q switched lasers (Medlite C6 and Ruby) selectively targets the tattoo ink, penetrating through the skin and shattering it into smaller particles which can then be removed via the body’s immune system resulting in permanent tattoo removal.



Our highly experienced Cosmetic Injectors are available by appointment only at our Aspley clinic, to administer trusted, prescription-only brands of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections to achieve long-lasting, beautiful results.


But we’ll let them do the talking

I have been going here for laser hair removal and I would recommend this place to anyone. Very clean and professional and the results are fantastic. I am paying a little bit more compared to the other place I used to go but it is worth it. The laser operator really knows what she is doing.

Andrew M

After years of living with an ugly tattoo I got when I was a teenager, I finally took the steps to get it removed. Although the process is a little uncomfortable, it is over very quickly and I believe the results are well worth it. I no longer have to be conscious of what I'm wearing or what people think of me. My only regret is that I didn't have it removed sooner.

Tasha P

I have has laser hair removal here on my bikini and underarms after waxing for years and getting sick to death of ingrown hairs! After a couple of sessions I can see a big difference, I'm not getting as many bumps and there is less hair coming back. The girls here are wonderful and made me feel really comfortable as I was really nervous especially on my first visit.

Z Fox

Why trust Image by Laser with your skin?

Located in South East Queensland

With our locations offering FREE consultations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, we have our South East Queensland clients covered for their Laser and Skin Treatments. Visit Image by Laser at Aspley or Maroochydore and we’ll provide you with a great laser or skin treatment experience.

Buy Now, Pay Later with Zip Pay

All our locations offer Zip Pay! Zip Pay is a reusable account of up to $1000 that let’s you shop now and pay later. No upfront payments and interest free always. Make as many purchases as you like up to your account limit and then set up flexible repayments to suit your lifestyle.

FREE Consultation

Image by Laser offers a FREE consultation to all clients seeking more information about our products and services. In order to give you the most accurate information relating to your skin, hair or body concern we need to see you for 10 – 15 minutes, all FREE!


Image by Laser is so confident that we do the best laser hair removal treatments around, that we offer a full clearance guarantee to reassure you that you’re getting what you’re paying for. If you have hair growth on the treatment area 2 weeks after treatment call the clinic and we will retreat for free*.

15 Years Quality Service

At Image by Laser we pride ourselves on having the latest and most specialised medical grade equipment available anywhere in the world. Evidence of our success is being in business for over 15 Years and the positive results that we’ve achieved for our clients.

No Hidden Costs

We offer all costs up-front with no hidden extras so you know exactly what you’ll be paying at any given time. We also offer pre-paid services to give you some peace of mind that your next appointment is taken care of. On-top of our no hidden costs promise, we offer FREE consultations to our clients.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal which destroys hairs in the active or anagen stage of growth. A reduction in the number of hairs can be seen after each treatment.

Image by Laser has been market leader in laser hair removal for over 15 years in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. We achieve great results for our customers by insisting upon using only the best in laser technology, ensuring our staff are fully licensed with Queensland Health as well as highly experienced in performing the laser treatments.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser penetrates the top layer of skin with a single wavelength of light (as opposed to multiple wavelengths used in Intense Pulse Light treatments), targeting melanin which is the brown coloured pigment contained in the hair follicle.

This process destroys the cells responsible for growing a new hair which reside in the base of the hair follicle. The specific wave length of light (755nm) enhances the accuracy of the laser hair removal treatment and gives far superior results.

What results can I expect?

As with any hair removal treatment, results vary client to client depending on their skin tone, type and the colour and thickness of the hair itself. From the very first treatment you will notice that your hair is becoming increasingly thinner, until it has become so weak that it falls out.

As your treatments continue over a period of time, you will notice regrowth to be noticeably less coarse. On average you should expect to undergo around 9 treatments to achieve maximum results and ensure that your smooth, hair free skin remains that way for a long period of time.

What type of technology is Laser Laser Hair Removal?

The IPL Laser Hair removal machine penetrates the skin at varying depths depending on the individual patient, how many treatments they have had and what area of the body is being worked on. The intense pulses of light seek to damage hair follicles that cause regrowth, and over time will eventually weaken the hair follicle to a point that it is no longer able to grow back.

IPL Technology has been common for many years, and used by beauty therapists all over the world. This is due to the fact that it has been deemed as a safe, relatively painless and long lasting hair removal option for both men and women, and also has a very short recovery period and simple after treatment care requirements.

In comparison to other laser hair removal options, Intense Pulsed Light hair removal treatments can effectively help reduce hair regrowth for all kinds of skin tones, with very low risk of side effects. Also when compared to other laser hair removal options, is generally a lower cost to the client.

Do you have any advice for somebody who has not undergone Laser Hair Removal before?

There are a number of things you can do ahead of your first treatment, and each treatment after that to ensure that you have maximum results and minimal down time from this hair removal procedure. Preparing your skin is essential leading up to your appointment to ensure that the areas being treated remain hydrated during the treatment, and to minimise any irritation or discomfort that you may experience during and after treatment. Deeply nourishing skin moisturising creams and gels, such as Rosehip Oil or Aloe Vera gel are great options.

On the day of your treatment, refrain from doing anything to the area being treated that may cause unnecessary irritation. Avoid shaving the area and also avoid applying any makeup or moisturisers to the area, as well as any abrasive skin cleansing products that you may use as a part of your daily routine.

Also avoid any other treatments that may expose your skin to unnecessary or harsh UV light. Minimise your time in direct sunlight, and also avoid any strenuous exercise, spas or UV tanning as these have the potential to irritate your skin.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

In 2019, removing unwanted tattoos is becoming more and more common. We now have access to specialist technology and equipment that makes permanently removing a tattoo easier, quicker and less painful than treatment options available in years gone by.

Laser tattoo removal is a procedure that involves using focused pulses of light (lasers), to break up the pigment of a tattoo that is trapped underneath the skin’s surface, with the aim of gradually, and eventually permanently eliminating the visibility of the tattoo on your skin.

When the laser is applied to the tattooed area, the ultra-concentrated light breaks down the ink into microscopic particles, that can then be absorbed back into the body’s natural systems and flushed away similar to any other toxins.

What are the benefits of laser tattoo removal over other options?

When compared to other methods of tattoo removal, laser is a far less invasive and safer method of tattoo removal with minimal damage being caused to your skin during the process.  Some of the benefits of laser tattoo removal include:

  1. Less pain during and after the procedures
  2. More effective on certain colours of tattoos that are not receptive to other treatments
  3. Fewer treatments are required when compared to other methods
  4. Laser lets you completely remove your unwanted tattoo rather than just fading or reducing the visibility of it
  5. When compared to other tattoo removal treatments, sessions can be booked closer together which means you can be tattoo free sooner
  6. Very effective on aged tattoos that use blue and green inks

Why is laser tattoo removal safer than other options?

Laser tattoo removal is a more modern technology that approaches the removal of tattoos in a very different way. Because of the low level of heat that is produced from the treatment, the risk of burning and scarring is greatly reduced, and pain caused by the treatment is much less than traditional tattoo removal options. Overall there is less damage done to tissues surrounding the tattooed area, and the recovery time is much shorter.

The Image by Laser Difference

FREE Consultation!

Image by Laser offers a FREE consultation to all clients seeking more information about our products and services.
In order to give you the most accurate information relating to your skin, hair or body concern we need to see you for 10 – 15 minutes, all FREE!

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