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Laser Hair Removal Prices Brisbane

Laser hair removal prices in Brisbane is one of the determining factors when deciding to undergo hair removal treatments. There are several reasons that laser hair removal prices will vary with the most important one being the quality of the technology that is being used. Some clinics will say they are using laser hair removal

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With summer fast approaching and the silly season just around the corner, it pays to have your skin in tip top shape for any social events or Christmas parties that you may have coming up. Whether you suffer from clogging or breakouts, dryness or dullness, pigmentation or redness there is a treatment that is designed

Anti Wrinkle Injections Brisbane

Recently in the news was a story of a cosmetic nurse in NSW who has been found guilty of professional misconduct and had her license suspended for 3 months for unsupervised cosmetic injectables. Last week the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal handed down its decision and the news has been a hot topic within the

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Omnilux light therapy was originally developed as a non surgical and painless way to rejuvenate the skin. Its popularity is due to the fast treatment times (20 minutes per session) as well as there being no downtime so no one will even know you are having treatments on your skin apart from looking fabulous. Omnilux

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As tattoos become more commonplace, so does the process of laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal can give varying results depending on the technology used and the training and experience of the laser operator performing the treatments. Tattoos consist of thousands of particles of tattoo pigment suspended in the skin. While normal body functions will

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With the number of tattooed people growing rapidly, the interest in tattoo removal is also increasing as the industry grows to meet consumer demand. There are two main types of treatments to remove tattoos and these are Laser Tattoo Removal and Non Laser Tattoo Removal. Laser Tattoo Removal has become the benchmark in tattoo removal

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For many, the changing of the seasons and the warmer weather can evoke happiness, while for others it instills dread as they have to once again tackle hair removal in preparation for the beach. Though most people will continue to remove hair during the cooler months, as the summer comes the frequency of having to

Laser Hair Removal for Men Brisbane

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Many men are choosing to undergo laser hair removal treatments as they seek a cleaner look. The most popular areas for mens hair removal is the chest, back, neckline, outer ears, upper cheeks and between the brows. Some men also opt to remove or thin out the hair on their arms and legs. As men

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