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The Polylase Alexandrite is the most advanced class 4 Medical grade laser from USA that is specifically built for laser hair removal. It can be tailored to suit your skin colour and hair type for maximum results. Our laser has its own inbuilt refrigerated cooling system that cools the skin before and after laser exposure for your comfort. All our lasers are regularly inspected and certified by Queensland Health.

All our laser specialists are fully qualified and licensed with Qld Health to obtain their laser license they need to have completed many hours of supervised training. When visiting an Image by Laser clinic in both Brisbane and Sunshine Coast locations, all laser hair removal specialists have their qualifications and licenses on display. This is our safety net to our clients.

We recommend a minimum of 6 - 8 treatments at 6 week intervals.


After 2 weeks the hairs should have fallen out on the area that’s been treated with laser. Image by Laser have a Laser Hair Removal Guarantee so you can feel confident when you visit us that all the hair will be treated, every time!

Image by Laser recommends that you come at 6 weekly intervals. Some clinics get their clients to come at 4 weekly intervals but if all the hair has been treated properly at the last visit then there shouldn’t be any hair appearing until around week 5 or 6.

Our Laser has a built in cooling system that blows cool air onto the skin during and after treatment so there is less discomfort than other hair removal processes. Cooling the area during treatment it also has a protective effect on the skin, minimising any thermal effects.

Treatment time is based on the size of the area. Our specialists take the time necessary to complete your treatment diligently and professionally and with total clearance of the area on each visit.

Lasers are very expensive (well over $100,000) and the licensing required by Qld Health to own and operate Lasers in Qld is very strict that is why we are one of a few clinics that are fully licensed. IPL is currently unregulated so many beauty salons have started offering this service without adequate training or experience, and the lower powered technology often yields less then pleasing results than laser. Most clinics cannot use a true laser, and try to claim that Intense Pulsed Light technology is an equal substitute or use the word laser in advertising to mislead you. The Queensland office of Fair Trading takes misleading advertising very seriously.

Prices depend on the area/s you are having treated. Please see our Laser Hair Removal Prices page for more information.

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