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Laser Hair Removal Prices

Remember it’s not what you pay per treatment but the overall cost for the perfect end result.

Laser Hair Removal Brisbane Prices
Comparing Laser Hair Removal prices in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast? At Image by Laser we offer a no obligation free consultation. This is so we can have a look at the area and give you an accurate price for the area/s you are wanting treated with Laser Hair Removal. We tailor the price to suit your particular area and this will vary depending on the amount of hair growth present.

When considering Laser Hair Removal in Brisbane and the price or costs associated with the treatments, you must make sure you are comparing the same technology and service. During a Laser Hair Removal treatment, Image by Laser mark out the treatment area to ensure that ALL your hair is treated (no missed patches of hair). Our focus is on getting you the best result and this is why we offer a Full Clearance Guarantee.

The technology we use and the experience of our laser operators also means you are treated at the optimum settings which will result in you requiring less Laser Hair Removal treatments. When we give you a price for Laser Hair Removal, it is an all inclusive price. We have been in business for over 14 years and have thousands of happy customers.

Full Clearance Gurantee

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