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Lip Fillers Brisbane

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There are many reasons people desire lip fillers or lip enhancement. Lips tend to flatten out and become thinner as we age and some have unbalanced or uneven lips, or naturally thin lips. Due to muscle movement and ageing we can also develop lines on the border of the lips and in the corners of the mouth. All these things can contribute to wanting to improve the look of your lips and smile.

Lip Enhancement from $389 for 1mL

Dermal fillers are used to add volume or symmetry to the lips. This injectable gel is placed under the skin via a fine needle and helps to balance the shape or size of the lips, or simply to add a little volume.

The cost of lip injections will depend on the type of filler used and also the amount of product needed to get you the result that you’re after. Our experienced cosmetic injector will guide you in a free consultation on the amount you will need to get the desired result.

As a guide, lip enhancement start from $389 for 1mL.

The trusted brand of dermal fillers we use for lip enhancement lasts up to 12 months. This long lasting quality lip filler has a smooth and even texture and leaves a beautiful result on all lips.

In our free consultation we will discuss your desired outcome and will guide you so you are happy with the end result. Some people like subtle results while others want a more noticeable enhancement and this will depend on the amount and type of filler needed. There are some examples on the internet of overdone lips and we always aim to balance your lips with your features so your lips enhance your appearance for the right reasons.
  • Absence of lip lines
  • Defined lip border
  • Deep cupids bow
  • Symmetrical on both sides
  • Balanced top and bottom lips
  • Volume in proportion to facial features
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