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PicoLase® Ruby Laser Tattoo Removal

Ruby Laser Tattoo Removal is a great way to remove tattoos that contain hard to remove colours such as greens and some blues. It can also help with difficult to remove black tattoo ink.

Image by Laser offer Laser Tattoo Removal treatments using 2 different laser systems to effectively target all colours of tattoo ink.

Our powerful Q switched Ruby Laser (694nm) delivers pulses of laser light which passes through the skin and targets the tattoo ink located in the dermis. The laser energy shatters the tattoo ink into smaller particles which can then be removed via the body’s immune system.

A series of treatments are required for full tattoo removal and we can also do fewer treatments to fade back the ink to allow a cover up tattoo to be applied to the area.

A variety of tattoo inks and colours can be removed with this tattoo removal technology, though the Ruby Laser really shines at removing colours that other lasers struggle with such as green. Used in conjunction with our Q Switched ND YAG laser, we can treat all colours effectively.

At Image by Laser we use the Asclepion Tattoostar Ruby Laser for our Ruby Laser Tattoo Removal treatments. The Ruby Laser (694nm) is great for targeting colours such as green which have traditionally been difficult to remove with other tattoo removal lasers. Multiple wavelengths of laser are required to remove multi coloured tattoos and we use both the Medlite C6 and Ruby Lasers to achieve this.

Image by Laser uses a zimmer cooling machine which cools the area before, during and after laser tattoo removal which protects the skin by decreasing the thermal reaction and minimising discomfort. By incorporating the zimmer into the ruby laser tattoo removal treatments we have no need for topical anaesthetic due to the numbing effect of the cold on the skin.

In order to remove multicolour tattoos we need to use different wavelengths of light to target the different colours effectively. Not all wavelengths treat all colours so we use 2 different lasers so you get the best results.

  • 1064nm wavelength: Removes black & dark colours
  • 694nm wavelength: Removes green & blue colours
  • 532nm wavelength:  Removes red ink other warm-toned colours, including purple, orange, yellow, and brown.

Most people have made a few mistakes in their youth which they can’t change later down the track, and tattoos are definitely a common one. Whether it be a backyard tattoo operator, an ex’s name or simply in a place not suitable for employment prospects, Image by Laser now has the most effective technology to erase unwanted tattoos. Visit us at our 3 convenient locations in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast today.

Rest assured that Image by Laser is a fully licensed clinic, and if you encounter operators using a true class 4 Laser, you should be able to see their licenses at any time. If they cannot produce these licenses, we advise against using their services.

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