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Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser Tattoo Removal works by directing laser energy at the tattoo which passes through the upper layers of skin and selectively targets the colour in the ink. The laser breaks the tattoo ink up into small fragments which the body then removes gradually over several weeks..

Yes. As our laser forms a small beam we can selectively remove parts of tattoos such as an ex-partners name or another small area.

It takes time for the body to remove the fragments of tattoo ink so if you come back any sooner you wouldn’t be getting as good a result than if you were to wait the correct timeframe. We recommend 6 weekly intervals between treatments with our laser.

We use 2 laser machines to target and remove the full range of tattoo colours and inks from the skin. Image by Laser use the Medlite C6 as well as a Ruby Laser so you get the best results

Prices for laser tattoo removal are on a consultation basis as we tailor our prices to suit each individuals needs. As no two tattoos are alike, there is not a one size fits all price. Please call for a free consultation.

Everyone feels pain differently so it will depend on your individual tolerance. We use a Zimmer machine that blows cold air onto the area and this creates a numbing effect. The laser delivers the pulses of energy very quickly so your laser tattoo removal treatment is over and done with in no time at all.

Yes, we will need to see the area for a free consultation.

Yes we can. In fact if you’re not happy with your results from another tattoo laser we suggest you try ours! Our Medlite C6 is a powerful Q-switched ND:YAG and is more effective on black and coloured inks than any other laser out there. By using multiple wavelengths we can selectively target stubborn colours and thus achieve a better end result. We also use a Ruby laser which is great for removing colours such as green which have traditionally been hard to remove with other lasers.

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