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Image by Laser is a Brisbane based laser clinic, specialising in fading or permanent tattoo removal. If you are wanting to correct mistakes of the past, we can help. Book a free consultation with one of our expert laser clinicians to discuss your goals for tattoo removal, desired outcome and expected timeframes. We can take a look at the tattoo you are wanting removed, advise on the best course of treatment, including the number of sessions you may require and help you understand the process and technology that we use to permanently remove tattoos for our Brisbane clients.


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How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal involves the application of concentrated light (lasers) to the area of the body that you are wanting to remove your tattoo from. This laser penetrates the skin’s surface and breaks down the trapped ink that makes up your tattoo, into microscopic particles that can then be absorbed naturally into your body and removed like any other toxin.

Does it hurt?

Clients report different levels of pain associated with undergoing this type of treatment. It is largely dependent on what type of tattoo you have and its location on your body. Areas that are more sensitive to have tattoos, such as those closer to bones, or on sensitive areas such as the inner elbow or back of the knees can hurt more than fleshier areas such as the thighs or upper arms.

Our Brisbane clients report that the sensation of tattoo removal is either similar to being flicked by a small rubber band, or scratching a sun burned area. In any case, the pain is completely manageable for most clients, and our experienced clinicians do everything we can to minimise discomfort, irritation and inflammation caused by the procedure.

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