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Laser hair removal in Brisbane has become more common place over the years as people seek methods of hair removal that last longer than waxing, shaving or depilatory creams.

It is normal to feel apprehensive when undergoing laser hair removal treatments for the first time and the best way to overcome that is to find out in detail what to expect. Prior to having a laser hair removal treatment, you should first have a free consultation so you can find out what the procedure is, after care instructions and to find out the answers to any questions you may have regarding the treatments. Question what type of laser hair removal technology the clinic uses as this will play a big part in your results. Make sure it is a class 4 laser and not a low powered laser or IPL machine that is being used as some clinics use the term ‘laser hair removal’ to describe a lesser form of hair removal.  Also check for training and qualifications – a licensed laser operator should have these on display for you to check.

It is important to cease any tanning or waxing before starting laser hair removal treatments, as well as checking that any medications or topically applied products you are using won’t adversely affect the use of a laser. It is important that you have clean skin prior to having a treatment as any sunscreens, makeups or other occlusive products can inhibit the laser from doing its job and may even cause unwanted reactions. If you arrive with something on the skin, notify the person doing your treatment so they can clean it off. During treatment the area will usually be shaved to remove any hair on the surface of the skin, or you may be asked to shave the area yourself at home.

The laser operator will identify the treatment area and mark it into sections. This is a visual guide for the operator to follow during the hair removal treatment to make sure all the areas are covered evenly. Once the area is ready, you will have to don protective glasses for the duration of the treatment to protect your eyes.

First, several test shots will be fired onto the skin and the reaction observed. The laser can be adjusted to suit your hair type and skin colour to treat the hair effectively without producing any unwanted side effects. Once the desired reaction is seen, the area will be treated in the pre-marked sections until all the area has been covered.

After the laser hair removal treatment is finished the skin will be wiped over with cool water and a cloth to remove any marker, and an aloe vera gel will be applied to soothe and hydrate the skin. Some minimal redness or swelling of hair follicles may be evident but will settle quickly.

An aftercare sheet should be given to you and explained so you know how to appropriately care for the area immediately after treatment. The treated hairs will appear to be growing for the first couple of weeks and then will shed from the follicle. Your next laser hair removal appointment should be booked in for approximately 6 weeks time to catch the next stage of hair growth and thus to get the best results.

By closely following the recommendations of your laser clinic, you will ensure that you will get the the best hair removal results possible.