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For many, the changing of the seasons and the warmer weather can evoke happiness, while for others it instills dread as they have to once again tackle hair removal in preparation for the beach.

Though most people will continue to remove hair during the cooler months, as the summer comes the frequency of having to de-fuzz the skin increase, often aggravating side effects such as ingrown hairs, shaving rash and irritation. These side effects can make the area look unsightly, feel sore and in the case of severe ingrown hairs can lead to scarring.

Hair normally grows through the skin and causes no problems but in some cases it curves back under the surface causing irritation, redness and sometimes infection as the body tries to remove the ‘foreign object’.

But fear not, there is a solution for ingrown hairs called laser hair removal. Known by several different names including permanent hair reduction or laser hair removal this technology is rapidly growing in popularity as people discover just how effective it can be.

Laser selectively targets the colour found in hair follicles called melanin so it will be effective at treating both normal follicles and those that have ingrown hairs. Hairs in the active stage of growth will be destroyed and less hair will return with each treatment, making it a great long term hair removal option.

Instead of putting up with unsightly hair, bumps and rashes try laser hair removal to remove the hair and keep your skin looking clear and smooth this summer. Contact us today for your free consultation!