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Laser technology offers clients an amazing range of treatments to help improve your appearance, reduce or remove unwanted hair and even remove tattoos. At Image by Laser, we offer a full range of services across many different laser treatment specialities.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Our prices for laser hair removal treatments reflect the quality of our team, our equipment and dedication to bringing you affordable ongoing treatment options. The cost of laser hair removal can vary from client to client depending on their skin tone, type and complexion as well as the size of the area being treated, hair colour and coarseness.

Discounts available when you purchase your entire treatment regime upfront.

At Image by Laser, we help our clients design an ongoing treatment plan to maximise the results you receive from your desired laser hair removal treatment, and ensure that they are permanent. As such, we offer our clients who are dedicated to completing their treatment program the option to pay for their sessions upfront at a highly discounted rate.

Please see below a guide to our standard pricing options, including discounts available when you purchase your treatments in bulk.


Lower Arms$59
Lower Legs$89
Half Leg, Brazilian + Underarms$109
Full Face$39
Chest & Stomach$99
Full Back incl. Shoulders$109
Full Legs$109


Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Our prices for laser tattoo removal treatments are based on a number of varying factors including:

  • The size of the tattoo or area being treated
  • The quality of the tattoo and how easy it will be to remove
  • The age of the tattoo
  • The colour, line thickness and location of the tattoo.

We only use the best technology for laser tattoo removal, and as such our prices reflect the value that you will receive by choosing Image by Laser as your partner in tattoo removal. Our team of experts also offer free consultations to assess your tattoo, and provide you with a detailed understanding of the technology we use, and the procedures we undergo to completely remove any visible signs of your tattoo. During this session, your technician will be able to advise on the approximate number of treatments you may require to achieve optimal results, as well as the frequency of treatment and total duration of the treatment program

Discounts are also available when you purchase your tattoo removal program treatments up front.

In order to ensure that our customers achieve their desired outcomes, we offer a competitive discount when purchasing a number of treatments up front. Tattoo removal can be a lengthy process, so the team at Image by Laser are doing everything we can to make this process simple, easy and affordable for our Brisbane clients.

Please see below a guide to our standard pricing options, including discounts available when you purchase your treatments in bulk.

buy 3 get the 4th free
5 x 2cm = $120
10 x 2cm = $150
20 x 4cm = $200
26 x 6cm = $250
29 x 10cm = $290
29 x 12cm = $380
2 x 2cm = $80
3 x 3cm = $120
5 x 5cm = $150
7 x 7cm = $180
10 x 10cm = $220
12 x 12cm = $280
15 x 15cm = $380
16 x 22cm = $420
A4 sheet = $490
Terms & Conditions
Must purchase minimum 3 treatments per tattoo to receive the 4th for Free.


Book Your Free Consultation

If you would like to receive a personalised quote for your laser hair removal or laser tattoo removal program that will leave you with optimal results, then please reach out to one of our experts and book a time that suits you. We will be able to advise on the number of treatments you will require to be completely tattoo or hair free through the use of laser removal technology.