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With the number of tattooed people growing rapidly, the interest in tattoo removal is also increasing as the industry grows to meet consumer demand. There are two main types of treatments to remove tattoos and these are Laser Tattoo Removal and Non Laser Tattoo Removal.

Laser Tattoo Removal has become the benchmark in tattoo removal due to it’s safety and effectiveness. The laser light passes through the upper layers of the skin to reach the dermis where the tattoo ink lies. It vibrates and breaks the ink into small pieces which are then removed by the body over several weeks, gradually fading and lightening the tattoo.

Non laser tattoo removal on the other hand works by delivering a lactic acid based fluid via a vibrating needle, much like a tattoo gun. The needle abrades the surface of the skin, allowing the fluid to get underneath to the layer in which the ink is trapped. Because this process damages the skin, it is only able to be done on small circles of the tattoo at a time. The ink comes to the surface and forms a scab which takes a couple of weeks to peel off. Common side effects of this treatment include: infection, scarring of the skin and hypo pigmentation – (lighter skin). Once the scab has lifted from the skin it is shiny and pink which gradually fades back over several weeks or months.

Both treatments require multiple sessions: laser results in a gradual fading of the tattoo whereas non laser targets small circles of the tattoo. Both treatments also have some discomfort involved – however Laser Tattoo Removal uses a Zimmer machine which blows very cold air on the skin, effectively numbing it during the treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal is regulated by Queensland Health and all Laser Operators must have proper training and a license to perform the treatments. Non Laser Tattoo Removal is not a regulated treatment and any person can offer the service.

In removing a tattoo, you must use caution before deciding upon a removal technique which may end up leaving you with a scar instead of a tattoo. Ask the clinic how much training they have and make sure you see their license to own and use a laser, as this is your assurance that an experienced operator will be doing your treatment and that you will get a good end result. Non Laser Tattoo Removal can often lead to scarring of the skin.

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