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Brazilian hair removal is the removal of hair from the pubic area and while some choose to leave a strip of hair at the front, others remove it all. Image by Laser use the Polylase Alexandrite for all of our Brazilian laser hair removal treatments.

Brazilian waxing became really popular over 10 years ago and laser has become even more popular than waxing as people seek a more permanent solution to hair removal. While waxing will leave the skin smooth for up to 3 or 4 weeks, women often suffer from ingrown hairs and scarring or even infection. This is because the hair struggles to break through the skin as it regrows, and once the hair is trapped under the skin the body tries to rid itself of the ‘foreign object’.

Most people find waxing quite painful as the hair is pulled out from the root. Brazilian laser hair removal on the other hand is very comfortable as the laser blows cold air constantly during the pulses of light.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

When coming to Image by Laser for Brazilian laser hair removal treatments, your comfort and privacy is important to us. We provide a disposable g string to wear and a modesty towel so you are not left feeling too exposed during your treatment. We also use gloves, disposable razors and disposable paper bedding which is replaced after each client for hygiene reasons.

Unlike older light based treatments such as IPL, there are no messy gels so you can duck in to see us in your lunch break or on your way home from work. Brazilian laser hair removal appointments take just 10 – 20 minutes.

Some reasons for having Brazilian laser hair removal include:

  • Being comfortable in underwear or swim wear that no hair is showing
  • Feeling clean and confident
  • Smooth skin with no ingrown hairs from waxing
  • Avoiding stubble and razor burn from shaving

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Saves You Time

Brazilian laser hair removal saves you time as you don’t need to attend a salon for ongoing monthly waxing appointments and is also much less painful!

Experience how easy laser hair removal can be for your Brazilian hair removal needs – book a free consultation at Image by Laser today.