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Freckle Removal is a popular treatment to remove unwanted freckles and pigmentation from the skin using IPL (intense pulsed light)

Freckles are small patches of darker pigment called melanin. Common areas that are prone to freckling include the face and upper body including neck, chest, arms and hands.

IPL is an effective way to remove or decrease the amount of freckles on the skin.  As an added bonus, IPL will also target any small red veins on the face, reduce general redness, even out excess pigmentation and stimulate new collagen production. IPL is a very popular treatment because it can improve a variety of skin concerns.

IPL works by applying pulses of light to the skin which targets the darker patches (melanin). After an IPL treatment you will notice the freckles darken temporarily. These darker patches of pigmentation will slough off within about a week on the face and slightly longer on the body. Once the darker areas have lifted you will be able to see the freckles have lightened and evened out with the rest of the skin.

A series of treatment is required for freckle removal and the appointments are spaced 4 weeks apart.  It is very important to wear sunscreen daily to prolong the benefits of these treatments and prevent the freckles from returning or to stop new ones from forming.

For a freckle removal consultation, please call or book online.

Questions to ask your skincare clinic regarding removing freckles

If I were you though, I’d be asking a few better questions, not of me, but of them:

  • What corners are discount places cutting in order to sell so cheaply?
  • Why do they need to sell at a loss to attract customers?
  • Will they still be in business to provide said services once they have your money?

I said earlier that I have a lot of knowledge on this subject, and I do. It’s a particularly sore point, and not just for the beauty industry but for retail in general. We’re pretty safe from the discount coupon craze in regional cities, but in Brisbane and other high population cities around Australia, the problem is huge. Poor old Brisbane has copped it doubly hard, as a couple of Sydney-based discount laser chains have been conducting a long-running price war trying to put each other out of business, and Brisbane is the battleground. Into that chaos, throw in a dozen or so backyard operators using discount coupons and it really is a lucky dip down there now. And alas it’s created a culture. Brisbane people expect to pay next to nothing for treatments now while still expecting the very best service and results. In reality though, that isn’t how it works.

The result has been that most, if not all, of the reputable hair removal centres – Reef included – have closed their doors in Southeast Queensland. The choice was to compromise on quality and join the price war, or sell a premium service for less than it costs to perform the treatment. Closing up shop is a no brainer. The steamroll effect of all the above has been that the quality of treatments in the capital cities is generally below par with those in the bush, simply because we don’t have the population to make it worth their while.